Difficulties in recruiting: bars and restaurants reduce the summer sail

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At the Moulin du château in La Rochefoucauld, it is more on the service side that the shoe pinches. “I have three people on standby, I need at least two good additional servers, but I can’t find it”, assures Samuel Gervais, the manager. So the kitchen teams make up for the service as best they can. He and his wife cover the equivalent of two and a half or even three shifts each day to try to compensate. “And I had to resolve to close on Wednesday evenings and Sunday evenings, in addition to Mondays and Tuesdays all day, to allow employees to have their rest. » A difficult choice when he knows it: “We would be complete or close to these services if we could provide them. On weekends we would have enough not to cut between lunch and evening services, but I don’t have the teams to put in front “he describes, frustrated.

“We will remain closed for lunch”

At Blues Rock, Place des Halles in Angoulême, this Sunday will be the last open. “I usually open seven days a week all summer, but now I can’tassures Pierre Allory. I miss a CDI and a seasonal. And impossible to find. Between those who send their CV but do not answer the phone, those who do not show up for interviews, those who come to the interview but do not give any news, or are willing to work but not in the evenings or weekends », the manager is tearing his hair out. He even thinks of coming to close also on Mondays, “if the teams are too tired. For the moment, I’m pulling on the rope of my incumbents who are working overtime, but I don’t want to abuse it, otherwise I’ll lose them too.fears the employer.

A little further on at La Réserve, Astrid Soulard is also desperately looking for a manager to replace her. “I found students and extras, but I can’t leave them alone. What I need is a pro, not with a lot of experience, but capable of managing. Last summer, it was open six days a week and a few Sundays, but if it does not find this person in charge, it will close every Sunday and Monday. In the XIV, the difficulty in finding seasonal workers slowed down the opening seven days a week. “Usually we start at the end of May, here I hope we can do it before mid-June, but nothing is certain”says Camille Gonzalez.

Usually I open seven days a week in the summer. There I will have to close on Sundays.

At the restaurant, the artists, Maria-Elena Losito and her husband decided not to reopen for lunch to only work both. “We may reassemble a team one day, but there, with the context, it’s really not the time. » Even at the Red Lion which opened a short time ago, there will soon be someone missing in the kitchen. “and we have absolutely no applicants”, worries Maximilien Martin, the director. At the Café Bulle, Thierry Denis has found students for July and August. “But for September, I need a real pro. And that’s where it’s going to get tough.” he anticipates, concerned.

In Chalais, the Relais du château cannot reopen for lack of staff

In Chalais, the difficulties in recruiting even prevent the Relais du château from reopening its doors. Emmanuel Baugey, the owner of the business, who has the ambition to turn it into a gourmet restaurant, had recruited a 43-year-old chef, a regular at starred tables, Cédric Dominguez. “ Unfortunately with the pandemic, the confinements, he preferred to join his wife who did not wish to come to Chalais”, regrets Emmanuel Baugey. Consequence: the butler, also accustomed to prestigious houses, also left, and the rest of the staff dispersed. And today, the manager can’t find anyone to relight the stoves. “However, I propose a salary of 3,500 euros per month and four months of paid leave. His only serious contact is that of a chef ready to come when he has sold his own restaurant. But in the current context, it can take time.

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