Disappearance of Marion 25 years ago in Agen: her parents’ lawyer writes to the judge to study the trail of “Grêlé”

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On November 14, 2021, it has been 25 years since little Marion disappeared in Agen. Between his school and his home, barely 400 meters where this drama took place. On the BFM TV set, the historic lawyer for Marion’s parents took stock without hiding the many problems of this file. As for the parents, even if hope “keeps them standing”, they are “in total despair”

25 years since little Marion Wagon disappeared on this Sunday, November 14. Six terrible minutes – this day of this year 1996 – when the life of this Agen family was turned into horror. Between the Sembel school and his home, barely 400 meters where this tragedy took place. 25 years later, this file remains with many questions.

Parents “who no longer believe in justice”

This Sunday, November 14, on the set of BFMTV during the weekly program “Next Affairs” (presented by Philippe Gaudin accompanied by the consultant Guillaume Farde), Georges Cathala, the historical lawyer of the parents of Marion Wagon, spoke about this case. He was able to talk about the situation of the girl’s parents: “They are listening to us today. I don’t think I am betraying their feelings by saying that they are extremely unhappy people. Since November 14, they no longer believe in God, they no longer believe in the silence of the churches and the tragedy is that they are beginning to no longer believe in justice”.

The Toulouse lawyer with Guillaume Farde, the chain’s security consultant

For 25 years, the parents of Marion Wagon have been heard “five times by the magistrate in charge of the case”. “They were not considered,” said the lawyer.

A waste of time ?

On the management of the investigation, the first minutes are often decisive, as noted by Guillaume Farde, the consultant for BFM TV. In this case, for Me Cathala, “obviously”, there is a waste of time. “Without wishing to criticize anyone, the first observation that we are obliged to make is that things will spread out over time because the public prosecutor considers that it is a runaway and not a disappearance. disturbing”.

Findings happen over time. Too long for the lawyer especially with the presence of the highway a few hundred meters from the place of disappearance. Georges Cathala continues: “If as we think it is a predator, the mass was said”.

An investigation “which was unlucky”

Also present on the set of BFM TV, Jacques Pradel, the former presenter of the program “Perdu de vue” underlines “this investigation which was unlucky”. “And luck – say some investigators – that’s part of the talent”, he continues “the weather was bad, there were few people in the streets, therefore few potential witnesses and this despite the enormous work done by the Toulouse SRPJ or the gendarmerie”. And to finish his remarks: “we put the small dishes in the big ones but surely too late…”.


The lawyer discovers that there is no “DNA in the file”. “It’s amazing”, he says on television “how can we evolve in the situation without having proof of comparison”. It is therefore impossible to compare the girl’s DNA with those found in the files of large predators.
Marion’s hair “which had been taken” in the family intimacy composing the seal number 5 does not give anything. “No wonder that more than 20 years later,” he continues.

Jacques Pradel evoked this disappearance of little Marion

Jacques Pradel evoked this disappearance of little Marion
Screen capture BFM TV

Last April, a new examining magistrate “who got her hands dirty” asked the Wagon parents for objects that had belonged to Marion to carry out new genetic research. “The parents are in total despair,” he notes. However, not sure if this can work.

The Grelé track?

In addition to the track of Michel Fourniret, the lawyer Georges Cathala has just asked the examining magistrate about the “Grelé”. Last September, François Vérove, a policeman by profession, was recognized post-mortem as a murderer and serial rapist. “I asked him to please check if he was not on duty in the gendarmerie barracks”, reveals the lawyer for Marion’s parents.

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— BFMTV (@BFMTV) November 14, 2021

A hope that “keeps them standing”

An investigation which continues in this file opened 25 years ago to the day. And every day is a lingering pain for the Wagon family. As for hope, “however irrational it may be, it keeps them standing”, explains their lawyer, “now their gait is very shaky”.

“A most talked about case”

On the set of BFM TV, this Sunday, Jacques Pradel spoke of the extent of the media coverage of this disappearance of Marion. “This is historically one of the most talked about cases in France”. Jacques Pradel, the former presenter of Lost sight on TF1 had devoted one of his programs to the disappearance of the little agenaise. “Everyone had identified with the distress of Mr and Mrs Wagon”, he continues. He also recalled the many initiatives implemented, in particular by the association La Mouette, with more than 700,000 posters printed or the photo of Marion Wagon which had been printed on milk cartons.

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