Discover 3 recipes using oatmeal

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Oat flakes are a very important food in a healthy diet.

Look no further, oat flakes are the food you need for a rich and balanced diet. According to dieticians, they are the solution to losing weight and not being hungry. Here are some fancy recipes.


Porridge is a classic. Nourishing breakfast par excellence, it allows you to last a whole morning without cravings. It is cooked by cooking oat flakes in water or milk. We recommend sweetened almond milk, which gives a very delicious taste to your porridge. Of course, it can be adapted with fruits like banana, apple or red fruits. Adapt it according to the season! And if you want to go even further, you can add dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cranberries or raisins.

Salted rolled oats

Oat flakes bring an incomparable softness to classic risotto. You can cook your risotto as usual, except that you replace the rice with the rolled oats. Add seasonal vegetables too! In a risotto, we advise you to add carrots, leeks, broccoli and even dried fruits which can give crunch. Cashews are really suitable for this dish.

In pancake

To cook patties, you can use oatmeal. You can enjoy them as a snack during the day, as an accompaniment to a dish, as an alternative to bread or even to replace your burger buns and your pizza dough. You can also add cheeses, spices and vegetables for complete pancakes.

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