discover its transformation after its adoption

When an adoption changes the life of a stray cat.

When an adoption changes the life of a stray cat.

Otie is an abandoned cat who was lucky enough to find a forever family. A video posted on the ‘henrysthoughts’ Instagram account traces the animal’s journey from the shelter to its new home.

This personality was not meant to be caged

And the least we can say is that the abandoned cat is now completely fulfilled.

“He was clearly depressed. But he also had this big personality that wasn’t meant to be caged,” Alyssa Keeling, Otie’s human, told The Dodo.

If today, Otie is a happy cat, his attitude in the shelter could put off more than one. Still, that didn’t stop Alyssa from adopting him.

Otie came back to life after his adoption

“When he finally arrived in his new home, it was like a switch had been flipped. Otie came to life,” she explained.

Like this tomcat, many cats are waiting to be adopted. If you would like to welcome a cat into your home, go to our page dedicated to adoption.

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