Discover the guide to rooftops in Paris: “Thirty addresses have opened in two years”

Each summer season, new rooftops appear. Tifenn Cloarec, project manager for employment issues at the Paris City Hall, has listed these high, secret or more touristy places. This lover of Paris also delivers in her little exhaustive guide, released in December 2021, some panoramic addresses, in the inner suburbs, from where you can see the roofs of the capital. It makes (re) discover this “new art of Parisian living”, turned towards the search for an exceptional moment.

Rooftops are in vogue. Is this phenomenon recent?

Tifenn Cloarec. The George (IV), bar-restaurant installed on the roof of the Center Pompidou since the year 2000, is one of the pioneers of the genre. In Paris, rooftops were born about twenty years ago. The phenomenon has increased over the last decade, notably with the Perchoir Ménilmontant (XI). Museums, office buildings, department stores, bars and hotels have taken over their roofs. In New York, the first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. In Europe, Berlin was the first city to exploit its high points.

Tefenn Cloarec has just published a short guide listing all the addresses of rooftops and panoramic views of Paris and those of bars and restaurants from above. LP/CH

Will this trend continue?

In Paris, the movement is accelerating. About thirty addresses — permanent or temporary — have opened between 2020 and 2022. This growth will continue because there are still many opportunities. More and more hotels invest their roof to attract Parisian customers, like Canopy Hotel by Hilton Paris Trocadéro (16, avenue d’Eylau, 16th century)or Sequoia, the rooftop of the Kimpton Saint-Honoré hotel, boulevard des Capucines (II).

How do you explain this attraction for rooftops?

In Paris, one often has the feeling of suffocating, especially in summer and during pollution peaks. When you gain height, you breathe, you see the horizon, you feel free and you rediscover the city. These addresses, often very vegetated, allow us to escape, to escape the tumult of the capital and to live a privileged moment, in a magnificent place. They also offer proximity to monuments, such as the back of the Palais Garnier visible from Créatures, the roof terrace of Galeries Lafayette-Haussmann, or the roofs of the Hôtel de Ville within easy reach from the Perchoir, located on the roof. of the BHV Marais.

Are they reserved for a wealthy clientele?

Some are only accessible at lunch or dinner time. And the note can quickly climb. But the exceptional experience can be worth the sacrifice. The current trend is more towards an offer of cocktails accompanied by tapas and platters to share or a snack menu. And it is often possible to order a simple glass of wine or a soft drink and enjoy, for just a few euros, a breathtaking view of all of Paris.

“Rooftops and panoramic views of Paris. Bars and restaurants at height”. Edition Bod—Book on Demand. 101 p. Price: 17.70 euros.

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