discover these tips for successfully getting your two cats to live together

Before any introduction between your two cats, it is important to make sure that your new little companion is in excellent health. So, go to your veterinarian who will make sure that he is negative for FIV, leucosis but he will also check his vaccinations and his antiparasitic treatments. Once you have the “go” from your veterinarian, you can then begin the presentations. It is strongly advised to first isolate your new cat in a room. It must be quiet, without extraneous noise. Finally, your new tomcat must feel safe there so as not to rush him too much. Then place the crate or carrier bag in the middle, open, to let the cat explore the room as it pleases. ” About an hour after locking the kitten in the room, sit down calmly and let it approach you, without forcing contact. Come and see him 3 or 4 times a day in his room advises Mon Jardin Ma Maison. You will have to make yourself available to him for a week so that he feels reassured.

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The long-awaited moment of confrontation

The confrontation can go well or with difficulty. It all depends on the character of your two cats. Be aware that this remains a very territorial species that does not like to have its habits and daily life turned upside down. So, be careful not to disturb him too much and especially not to force him. ” Open the door to the bedroom (the room in which you had isolated your new cat), staying away. If they start fighting, clap your hands or shout in a way that scares them away, without trying to intervene by picking up a cat »,develops the site. At the same time, you must not stop reassuring your cat by cuddling it. Also, do not change your behavior and keep the one you had before the arrival of your new cat. If the confrontation can be difficult at first, don’t worry, everything will get back to normal as it goes. ” Time is a great master, it regulates many things », as Pierre Corneille would say. For everything to go perfectly well, you must take into consideration all the signs that your two cats are showing.

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