Disney hires transaction lawyer for its NFT and DeFi projects

The Walt Disney Company has launched a recruitment notice for a lawyer specializing in digital asset transactions. The announcement was recently made on LinkedIn with the clarification that the recruit should work in collaboration with the commercial teams on an accelerated schedule.

Walt Disney launches into innovative technologies

The American entertainment giant wants to exploit all the opportunities that come its way. This explains the job offer launched on LinkedIn. The lawyer who will be recruited will be specialized in transactions via innovative technologies.

In other words, he’s going to hear about blockchain-related business. Walt Disney intends to develop new projects on emerging technologies. At the moment, the company plans to launch projects on the metaverse and decentralized finance.

Among his duties, the lawyer will examine merger and acquisition agreements as well as other complex commercial transactions. More concretely, it will have two main functions:

  • provide assistance in carrying out NFT, blockchain and third-party market projects with due diligence
  • assist the company in the negotiation and drafting of complex agreements on its blockchain projects.

Repeated actions that show the direction taken by Walt Disney

The publication of this job offer is not insignificant. There are several moves that prove Walt Disney’s commitment to growing its presence in the crypto industry. In June, the company hired a new vice president responsible for “next-gen storytelling creative experiences.” For this important position, the choice fell on a former Apple executive who worked for a long time with the company at the apple.

Then, in July, a consumer experiences executive was named executive vice president of next-gen storytelling and consumer experiences. There is therefore no doubt that the company is building its structure around its future projects. On September 10, Bob Chapek, the company’s CEO, said Disney was working on exploring and developing plans for the metaverse.

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