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published by Quentin VIALLE on June 21, 2022 at 8:02 am

Biscuits with allergen content sold by lidl have been removed from the shelves and are subject to recall in store as soon as possible. We will tell you which ones in the rest of this article!

Lidl product recall: Sonday biscuits not to be consumed

Product recall: biscuits sold at Lidl not to be consumed

There are more and more food product recalls in our supermarkets. After minced meat contaminated with E.coli bacteria, Buitoni pizzas or stock cubes, here is the turn of dark chocolate cookies from Lidl stores.

On sale between June 2 and June 9 in France, these cookies have been removed from the shelves of the brand and are subject to a recall in store. In question, the potential presence of gluten, milk and allergens such as soy, nuts or sesame seeds without indication in French on the label. “Following a labeling error, some products were put on sale with packaging in a foreign language”indicates the recall procedure.

This is the package Biscuit Bar organic dark chocolate of the brand sondey. The recall concerns the following references: GTIN 209228827 lot L2022105 as well as CTIN 20928827 lot L2022147.

Lidl product recall: Sonday biscuits not to be consumed


Return the product to the store for a refund

It’s time to take a look in your closets. If you bought these biscuits in a Lidl store and you are an allergic person, it is therefore necessary not to consume them and to bring them back to the store as soon as possible. to get refund. For any additional questions, you can also contact Lidl customer service on 0 800 900 343.

Finally, if you wish to have access to the full list of recalled products, you can go to the website. This will give you access to different products subject to a recall and classified by category.

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