Do you know how to recognize a real honey from a fake one?

In addition to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant or antitumor properties, this sweet substance produced by bees offers an ingredient of choice to enhance the taste of foods such as meat, vegetables or fruit. You still have to eat real honey and not a concentrate of glucose syrup mixed with a little honey from the other side of the world…

How to recognize real honey?

If you want honey to be good for your health, you have to choose a good product to take advantage of all the virtues of this food. To distinguish natural honey, that is to say a product of the hive which has not been mixed with any other component, from processed honey, often composed of sugar and other products and preservatives, here are some easy tips to to follow.

To test the quality of your honey, take a small amount and pour it into water. Pure honey naturally sinks to the bottom and mixes poorly with water while processed honey is runnier and mixes more easily with water. Another trick is to pour a few drops on a paper or a sheet of paper towel, the pure honey will stay on the surface and will not be absorbed by the paper while the fake honey will be absorbed by the paper

The recognized health effects of honey

Thanks to trophallaxis, honey contains more than 200 active substances that give it its healing properties. Its antioxidant content helps fight against oxidative stress and tissue inflammation. It helps prevent
– cardiovascular illnesses,
– to improve sleep,
– soothe cough and sore throat,
– strengthen the immune system
– regain energy in case of fatigue,
– heal wounds and burns
– reduce acne-related inflammation.

Tip: how to make a winter shock remedy with honey and garlic

It acts as a natural antibiotic and would also have a prebiotic effect, beneficial in preventing digestive disorders. The health benefits of honey are numerous, especially since it is a particularly nutritious food. To boost immunity, especially in winter, do not hesitate to prepare a natural remedy based on honey and garlic. To do this, take 1 to 3 heads of garlic depending on the size of the container you have. For example, one cup of honey for 10 cloves of garlic. Peel the cloves, cut them in half and put them in a very dry and clean glass container. Cover with honey by exceeding one centimeter and close the jar. Let sit in a dark place for a week to a month. When the honey liquefies and the volume decreases, you can add more.

This remedy is to be used to strengthen the immune system. You can consume 2 teaspoons of this preparation every morning on an empty stomach for a week. Take a break for a few weeks before starting again. If you can’t wait, you can leave the preparation overnight before consuming it the next day. Attention, this preparation must be made with pure honey and good quality garlic. Watch the fermentation, there should be no color change or other suspicious change.

Honey reduces the negative effects of alcohol

An effective remedy against alcoholHoney helps reduce the effect of alcohol on the body. It can be consumed with alcohol to facilitate the elimination of toxins or taken the next day to get back in shape faster. It thus contributes to eliminate alcohol and to soften the intensity of the symptoms. You can prepare a mixture of honey, water and lemon to detoxify the body.

One or two precautions to take with honey

The consumption of honey is not indicated for children under one year old because of the presence of elements that may cause infant botulism. In addition, honey contains carbohydrates and can promote the appearance of dental caries and erosion of the enamel in the absence of good dental hygiene.

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