Do you see a cat or a crow? Here is the photo that is driving everyone crazy!

Do you see a cat or a crow? Here is the photo that is driving everyone crazy!

An image released on the web is driving everyone crazy! And you, what do you see? A cat or a crow? The solution will amaze you!

A photo is currently circulating on the Web and driving Google’s algorithm totally crazy. The offending photo was shared on Twitter by Robert Maguire, director of research for a non-profit organization. This strange photo has aroused the curiosity, but also the perplexity of Internet users around the world.

Cat or crow?

The photo depicts an animal with a black coat, which at first glance resembles a crow. But is this really the case? Doubt has tickled millions of users who, if they had immediately claimed to see a bird, would be more convinced that in reality this portrait is not that of a crow, but of a cat.

The answer is not simple unless you focus on all the details. The difference is so small that Google’s algorithm was also misled. In fact, according to the British magazine The Telegraphthe search engine categorized the photo as “common raven”.

The answer

The solution is that it is actually a black cat. He looks like a crow and is not recognized at first sight because he puts his head upside down. In this way, the feline’s ear resembles the bird’s beak. A riddle that recreated the viral effect of the blue or black dress that spread so much on social networks a few years ago and created an optical illusion that is difficult to understand.

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