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Do you work with your dog or cat? Paris City Hall opens the way for its agents

published on Tuesday 11 October 2022 at 18.55.

Opposition politicians have expressed their reservations about what they consider to be a “fake good idea and a potential gas plant”.

Are you going to work at the town hall in Paris with your cat, your dog? The capital wants to give its agents permission that they are not in contact with the public, to work with their pets, provided that the hierarchy and colleagues agree.

The city of Paris will “expand the exchange with trade unions” to “allow requesting agents who are not in contact with the public to come to work accompanied by their pets”, the municipal council decided, approving a request made by the opponent Florence Berthout, mayor (DVD) in the 5th arrondissement.

According to this text, written by mutual agreement with the majority on the left, the reception of an animal by an agent must be done with “agreement between the manager of the establishment and the other agents who make up his work collective”. “There are agents who love animals, but others who are afraid of them”, stressed the assistant (PS) for human resources Antoine Guillou.

Paris would thus imitate the neighboring town of Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), which since September 2020 has allowed its agents to come to their workplace accompanied by their pets. Grenoble and Nice have taken similar decisions for dogs.

“Many scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects of the presence of an animal on health”, argued Florence Berthout, citing a study from 2017, according to which this presence leads to a “23% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases” .

Camels, peacocks and silkworms

A pet in the workplace can “facilitate exchanges between colleagues”, added the borough mayor, who says she has tried the experiment “in an unsupervised way” at her town hall, and is producing a “very encouraging” report. “. The idea is not unanimous in the municipal council. The elected member of the LR and the related group Anne Biraben condemned a “false good idea and a potential gas plant that the Parisian administration does not necessarily need”.

“This wish is vague in the list of included animals”, added Ms Biraben, according to which a 2006 decree qualifies domestic animals, “in addition to cats and dogs, horses, ferrets, pigs, camels, mice, peacocks, pheasants, carp or even silkworms “.

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