Dog Among 400 Canines Rescued at Yulin Festival Gives Birth to 3 Adorable Babies

We told you the terrible story of nearly 400 dogs saved in extremis while being transported in abominable conditions to the infamous Yulin festival. Thanks to associations invested in animal welfare in the region, a female was able to give birth to 3 healthy puppies.

Every year, between June 21 and June 30, Yulina city of Chinaorganizes to celebrate the summer solstice a filthy demonstration where approximately 10,000 dogs and cats are killed and then eaten.

Associations China Animal Protection Power and Humane Society International campaigned for years to stop this cruel and inhumane practice.

On Monday June 20, a large-scale operation carried out in partnership with the local police saved 385 canids from a truck heading for the slaughterhouse in Yulin.

The poor animals were kept in appalling conditions in tiny wire cages. They had been found in poor condition, dehydrated and suffering from numerous injuries and infections. Some dogs wore a collar, telling rescuers that they had been stolen from their owners.

The members of the organizations then orchestrated their transfer to the refuge NoToDogMeatalso invested in the cause.

A happy event among the chaos

the NoToDogMeat reported to the Mirror that a pregnant dog, who almost ended up slaughtered for her flesh, gave birth to 3 babies in good conditions.

The unfortunate, terrified and at the end of her strength, benefited from the full attention of the trainers during her birth, which took place only a few hours after her rescue.

The number of rescued canines has therefore increased from 385 to 389. “The idea that these innocent lives were spared fills us with joy, without our investment, these puppies would have been born in Yulin”said Mr. Zhao who runs the shelters NoToDogMeat at Hebei and to beijing.

The mother and her babies are now in good hands. The volunteers are busy caring for the animals and bringing them comfort.

“We are working hard to give all these little ones the care they need, as they have been through a traumatic ordeal and need medical treatment, but they are safe now”clarified Mr. Zhao.

When the 21-day quarantine is over, they can be offered for adoption.

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