Dog and cat insurance is popular: how much does it cost?

We are talking about several hundred or even thousands of euros depending on the care. And, of course, you shouldn’t rely on mutual insurance to lower the bill. Insurance therefore exists to protect yourself. But how much does it cost?

For a European cat, it takes around 25 euros per month for SantéVet insurance, which covers 70% of veterinary costs, with an annual ceiling of 1,500 euros. It is therefore necessary to count 300 euros per year, for a package that does not cover everything. For a medium-sized dog, the price rises to 46 euros per month, still for 70% coverage and a ceiling of 1,500 euros per year. Suffice to say that it is not cheap, unless you have an animal that has one or more costly pathologies, or that is beginning to age.

In addition, some insurance also includes cover for funeral expenses.

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