Dog Stayed For Days Where His Owner Left Him

The helpless dog refused to leave the place where he was abandoned by his owners, spending days and nights waiting for those he thought he loved.

This is the case of Thunder, a canine who was left on the street by his former owner in Irvine, California, United States. What is surprising is that the dog did not leave the place where his former family left him, because he believed that one day they would come back for him.

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That’s why Thunder spent every day and night by the same fire hydrant for several days, until he was rescued by the Logan’s Legacy Foundation. The founder of this organization, Suzette Hall, knows very well when it comes to an abandonment, a lost or stray dog.

Dog Stayed For Days Where His Owner Left Him

“Those who get lost will wander and wander for months. Those who are abandoned stay there and wait,” Hall told The Dodo.

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It was not easy to catch the canine because he was scared and just wanted to go back to his family, but they finally managed to do it. “He wanted so much to trust. He wanted to approach me, but he was too scared,” Hall said.

He had to set up hot dogs as a decoy to get her attention. “I drove down the street to make him think I was gone and when I came back he was finally in the trap. The hot dogs did the trick”, did he declare.

Although this little dog has a whole future ahead of him, he refused to put his past behind him. Even cared for and cuddled, he still wanted to go back to the fire hydrant to wait for his old family.

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“We called it Thunder because we had the worst storm after putting it in the car. It was so scary,” he said.

Thunder is now recovering and will soon be ready for adoption.

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