Dog warns parents that something is wrong with their baby and saves his life

Kelly Andrew has shared a story on social media showing how her dog Henry saved her baby girl’s life. The Boston Terrier 8-year-old apparently knew something was up with the baby, so he decided to break into her room on several occasions.

Kelly and her husband, Jeff, knew the baby had a cold, but thought everything was under control with their care. However, the little dog could sense that something was getting worse, so she was looking for ways to make her owners aware of it.

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Henry kept going to the baby’s room and waking her up, even though his parents scolded him every time.

The dog warns his parents that something is wrong with the baby

Kelly was tired of her dog’s behavior, but it caught her attention because it was still unusual for him. So she started to worry. Suddenly, the nine-month-old baby stopped breathing, but thanks to Henry’s sixth sense, his parents were able to get him to the hospital in time.

Kelly said in an interview with Good Morning America:

“She wasn’t clearing her airways. She started turning blue and stiffening, and she couldn’t breathe. »

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Fortunately, doctors were able to clear the baby’s airways, and made sure she was healthy enough to go home. The couple were impressed with their dog’s attitude, but most importantly, they were very grateful to Henry for saving their little girl’s life.

They did not hesitate to congratulate him and shower him with words of love, even telling him that he would receive an extra present that Christmas. The post quickly went viral, touching the hearts of thousands and prompting everyone to comment on similar stories.

It seems there are many stories of pets who have done some kind of heroic deed to help their family, showing how important they are.

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In addition, several scientific studies reveal that the good sense of smell of dogs is also used to detect different types of diseases. According to science writer Mia Rozenbaum, dogs are known to detect cancer, malaria, Parkinson’s disease, COVID-19 and more.

Mia said, according to Bored Panda:

“Dogs’ sense of smell is so subtle that they can notice the slightest change in human scent caused by illness. »

For now, Henry receives many rewards, since he is allowed to sleep on the bed and receives rich servings of his favorite food every day.

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Kelly added:

“He’s never done anything so heroic before. »

Her parents are proud of Henry because it was his intuition that gave their little girl a second chance at life.

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