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Dog Who Crying After Being Brought Back To Kennel Found A Family, Here’s How His Face Changed

Juice, the dog in this story, thought he had found his perfect family, but just days after being adopted, he was kicked out. This plunged him into a deep depression that lasted 10 months, until a heartwarming message allowed him to be reunited with his owners.

Juice lived at the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Maryland, USA, and was seen as an example of how a dog could handle the stresses of shelter life and not not become depressed, but his story changed the day a couple adopted him.

A dog who cried after being brought back to the kennel has found a family

© Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center

Everyone thought Juice’s story at the shelter was over when the couple decided to take him home, but two days after his adoption he was sent back to the shelter by those who were supposed to become his new family. This caused a profound change in him, which led to severe depression.

“For a long time, Juice was the example of how a dog could handle the stress of shelter life without becoming depressed, but in the last month that has changed,” said one of the staff from the adoption center.

As soon as he returned, the dog was no longer the same. He was now crying every day, panting and pacing from place to place nonstop, which even led to one of the volunteers taking him home for the night. However, nothing took away her pain and frustration.

“Living in a shelter is not a life, and we are afraid that Juice will start to wander off”, said those responsible for his care. Desperate to see the situation he was in now, the rescue team decided to post a heartbreaking message on Facebook with an appeal to users.

“This is the story of Juice: a loving, giant-headed dog who has been at the shelter for 10 months and really needs your help. He needs a home where he can be himself and regain the confidence he has lost. He needs a family that will give him time and patience. We know he will return that kindness with incredible loyalty and endless hugs.”, can we read in the text published on the social network.

© Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center

“Please don’t let Juice cry in his kennel anymore. Help us find a home for him.” concludes the moving message. To the surprise of the groomers themselves, it was only a matter of hours before the post was inundated with inquiries from people interested in adopting the dog, who was adopted within days.

“We received hundreds of calls, emails and people from all over the country and around the world, he was adopted a few days later by an amazing couple who decided to add Juice to their family” , reported on the same social network the workers of the adoption center, who did their best to change the life of the dog; a goal they ultimately more than succeeded in achieving.

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