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Dog with paralyzed hind legs taught baby to crawl

An adorable video recently went viral on TikTok. We see a dog with paralysis of both hind legs trying to teach her human brother to crawl. This made several users reflect on the great love that animals have for those who take care of them.

In the clip that has conquered Internet users, we can see Kahlua patiently showing the baby how to move, sometimes crawling, sometimes jumping to reach the person who was filming them.

And with just a few seconds of example, the baby started copying the movements until he could do it without help. The video currently has over 7.8 million views, 1.8 million “likes” and thousands of comments.

It should be added that the dog has her own channel on TikTok called @kahluasadaventure, where they regularly share images of her life, showing that the paralysis of her paws is not a big problem.

But what happened to Kahlua to leave her in this state? Lori Dougas, his owner and mother of Caleb, the baby in the video, said that due to a “terrible omission” from her previous family, the dog fell from a third-story balcony, shattering her spine.

However, Lori wanted to give her a second chance and adopted her, making her a member of her family without any problems, even if she had to give her special care for the rest of her life.

Dog with paralyzed hind legs taught baby to crawl

“She is an incredible addition to our household. We are so happy to have her as part of our family,” said Lori, who added that Kahlua was a clear example of overcoming and love.

Many Tiktok users left their love and their tenderness in the comments on Tiktok:

“The dog was so happy to teach him, my god this is adorable and deserves to go viral”.

“The fact that you have a special needs dog says a lot about you,”

“When the baby started crawling, I feel like the puppy said, ‘you have the theory, now jump bro, you’ll go faster hahaha'”, were some of the comments.

Below is the video:

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