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Dogs have quiet fun when park intrusion stirs up trouble in seconds (video)

The dogs have a quiet fun when an intrusion in the park

Last week, a small intruder stole the show at a dog park in New York City.

Dog parks are a delight for doggies who can have fun with their dog friends in peace. For the masters, it is also the occasion to sympathize with other masters of dogs and to make great encounters.

Nothing is going anymore

Generally, masters and dogs have their little habits. But last week, all the habits of masters like dogs were disrupted in just a few seconds!

A rat ended up in the middle of the dog park. The poor guy was immediately chased by all the doggies in the park and the rodent didn’t know how to get out of it.

One dog in particular stood out as a true hunter. While everyone else was just chasing after the rat, the pooch managed to catch the rat between his fangs!

It’s the panic

His master quickly intervened to tell him to let go of the rodent. The dog obeyed (or the rodent managed to get free), we cannot say.

Then, the dog’s master had to physically come between his doggie and the rat to make sure he didn’t chase the rodent anymore.

You can see on the video how the dog is tense and ready to pounce on the rat. He finally chooses to obey his master and the rat manages to escape through a hole.

The rat owes a debt of gratitude to this master!

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