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Domestic cat: do you know purring therapy?

Much more than just a faithful companion, the cat has therapeutic powers thanks in particular to its purring. Hence the term purring therapy. Many medical bodies and researchers take this concept very seriously.

The surprising benefits of feline purring on human health

The owners of tomcats are unanimous, the nonchalant and placid presence of this pet reassures and soothes. Its purr allows you to relax. However, its virtues go far beyond relaxation.

Purring has two main effects. On the one hand, it regulates sleep cycles, reduces anxiety and relieves pain. On the other hand, it promotes tissue healing and accelerates the repair of fractures.

Here are the main health benefits of purring therapy

Hypertension: petting a purring cat lowers blood pressure;

Stress: stress decreases by stroking a purring tomcat;

Heart health: the presence of a cat considerably reduces the risk of having a heart attack;

Injuries: the vibrations emitted by the purring cat accelerate their healing;

Bone repair: cat purring promotes bone welding;

Wounds: The purring of the cat helps prevent infections and heal wounds.

Cat purring isn’t just beneficial to humans. It is also for the animal itself. Indeed, it does not only purr with pleasure, but also when it suffers. It is therefore a form of self-medication.

The process of a purring therapy session

Purring therapy is a method of relaxation and care based on the purring of the cat. To succeed in a session, it is essential that you and your feline are on the same wavelength. Note that this animal does not purr on command. So you have to be ready when he asks you for a hug. Take your cat in your arms, his body in contact with yours, as close as possible, and his head near your ears. Get comfortable and relax. Caress your feline for a long time and you will immediately feel a feeling of serenity.

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