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Drama of Millas: “The heart had a failure”, the driver’s lawyer returns to her hospitalization

Nadine Oliveira, 53, was hospitalized midday yesterday after collapsing in tears at the bar of the Marseilles court.

The tears, the shock, the answers, the memories… An overflow of emotion which led, Thursday, September 22, Nadine Oliveira to the hospital.

Yesterday, while testifying at the bar of the Marseilles court, the driver of the bus at the origin of the drama of Millas collapsed during her testimony, where she had to explain what she had or had not seen before the collision with the TER.

“An Intense Emotion”

First implicated in this case, the driver had to once again try to explain the circumstances of the accident in front of the bereaved families. “Under the effect of intense emotion, the heart had a failure,” one of his lawyers, Jean Codogn├Ęs, told AFP on Friday, reports France Info.

The trial was immediately suspended yesterday to resume Monday, September 26. Nadine Oliveira’s lawyer, however, could not specify whether his client would be able to attend the resumption of the hearing next week, which is supposed to last until October 7.

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