drunk, he wants to sit down when the restaurant closes

If there is no time to enjoy a good coffee, there is on the other hand one to sit down on the terrace of a bar-restaurant. And this principle, several drunken fanatics have obviously not understood it well.

The facts date back to last Saturday. The group of individuals, already white-hot, arrive at the café as the clock soon displays midnight. The restaurateur then explains to them that he will not be able to serve them, that he must close his establishment, that it is time for him to close shop.

Obviously, tempers flare up more and the drinking buddies start their racket. Alerted, the gendarmerie dispatches a mobile patrol to the scene. When they go in search of the provocateurs, they quickly come across a man, in his early forties, quite drunk, who cures his frustration by attacking the furniture of the establishment which had just refused to serve him. The man, well known to the gendarmes, is therefore placed in police custody.

At the end, he is referred and judged according to the procedure of appearance on prior admission of guilt. He was sentenced to six months in prison and immediately taken into custody.

The opportunity to recall that during the summer period, gendarmerie checks will be particularly supported.



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