Dupraz attacked as rarely after the defeat in Rennes

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: descent, sweeping, the false good ideas circulating

Pascal Dupraz was already quite upbeat yesterday, at a press conference, in the bowels of Roazhon Park. The ASSE coach did not appreciate a question from a journalist about his ultra defensive tactics put in place to counter Stade Rennais and which did not prevent his team’s defeat. We hope for him that he did not listen to the After in the process, the former footballer Kévin Diaz not having gone there with dead hands with him …

“For me, the problem of Stéphanois is not only defensive. We see that some players are in difficulty like Kolodziejczak. Tonight, it’s Mangala but there was also Moukoudi or Nadé. Of course ASSE don’t don’t produce a lot of games, that they have a trust problem. But when your name is Pascal Dupraz and you allow yourself to poke your counterpart from Clermont, who has a budget three times lower than yours, because you find that he takes himself for Guardiola, whereas you offer absolutely nothing on a pitch, it’s serious. Any District coach is capable of aligning two lines of four and asking them to defend! There is a moment when you have to say that there is an area to recover the ball, you have to know that Aguerd, the best Rennes returner, is absent, you have to leave the ball for Oumari to press it and recover it. .. Maybe they’re putting things in place but you can’t see anything! There’s nothing in this team! There’s had a small period of euphoria at the beginning but since then, it seems that they are waiting for a miracle.”

to summarize

For having concreted at Roazhon Park last night and still having suffered a defeat against Stade Rennais (0-2), ASSE coach Pascal Dupraz was entitled to regular attacks on the limits of his tactics. .

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