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Elizabeth II and the corgis: the impressive number of dogs that the queen had!

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II loves corgis. A breed of dog that has accompanied her throughout her life, since her father brought one back to Buckingham when she was 7 years old. And they are very numerous to have embellished the life of the queen.

Elizabeth II is a faithful wife. She showed it in 1947 during a trip with her parents to southern Africa, when she said in a speech: “I declare before you all that I will devote my whole life, whether long or short, to your service and at the service of the great imperial family of which we are all a part”. Her Majesty has been faithful to the throne of England for 70 years. Last June, Prince Charles’ mother celebrated her Platinum Jubilee and paid a discreet tribute to the prince philipher late husband who died at the age of 99 in 2021.

For 73 years of marriage, the Queen loved the Duke of Edinburgh, whom she met when she was just 13. And if everyone knows Her Majesty’s passion for horses, she has another: dogs. And especially corgis. Originally from Wales, this breed of dog lives between 12 and 15 years old and has the particularity of being short-legged.

The corgi, symbol of the Jubilee

His first corgi, Elizabeth II met him when she was just 7 years old, when her father King George VI ushered Dookie into Buckingham Palace. And then, the little four-legged companions multiplied within the royal palace, until the 18th birthday of the young Princess Elizabeth. That day, a corgi named Susan was given to her. And since then, our favorite queen has never been unfaithful to corgis. Susan, Willow, Dookie, Honey, Monty, Fergus, Muick

The doggies were numerous to scamper in the corridors of Buckingham and Windsor Castle. In 2021, Her Majesty even adopted two new ones. “They’ve only been here a few weeks but are said to be lovely and have made the castle their home“, confessed a source close to the royal family. An animal so dear to the eyes of the monarch that it was the symbol of the Platinum Jubilee. In total, more than thirty corgis have had a life of kings thanks to Queen Elizabeth II. When we love, we don’t count.

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