Élodie takes us behind the scenes of Cyril Lignac’s new show: The Academy of Cakes

From Monday to Friday on M6, Cyril Lignac transmits his know-how through his new cooking show: the academy of cakes. The key for the winner: CAP training and 10,000 euros. Discover the portrait of Élodie, former candidate.

Cyril Lignac launched, on May 23, his brand new show “the academy of cakes”. His goal is to transmit his knowledge to passionate amateurs, to make them true professionals. These 24 students, all crazy about pastry, have only one objective: reconvert to live from their passion!

On the program: Master class with great chefs, application courses, immersion in Parisian palaces, technical tests… The students will have to play their cards right.
The winner of this adventure will get 10,000 euros, a promise of employment in Cyril Lignac’s teams and finally CAP training ! 👩‍🍳

Today, we are pleased to tell you about Élodie, a former candidate for the show. She will discuss with us her passion for pastry, her experience behind the camera, but also her professional project. Her favorite dessert? Lemon meringue pie! 🍋

The academy of cakes is Monday to Friday at 6:40 p.m. on M6.

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Portrait of Elodie

Élodie is 33 years old, she is a computer engineer by training. Following the health crisis, the company in which she works is affected by a wave of layoffs. Élodie decides to take advantage of this to carry out training and pass her pastry CAP.

From an early age, Élodie baked alongside her grandmother, and as she grew up, she regularly made them for her family, “I was always the one who brought cakes all the time “, she explains.

After a stay in New York and an arrival in Parisian life, making cakes became more complicated, due to a lack of equipment. However, his passion for pastry is always present, that’s why she decides to use her vacant year to pass his CAP.

She began by doing internships in pastry, and presented herself to pass her pastry CAP. Nevertheless, having only 10 days to prepare, Élodie does not validate it. She thinks it’s time to get back to work, and that’s when we contact her on social networks to participate in the show: Le Meilleur Pâtissier. M6 contacted her again shortly afterwards to offer her the opportunity to participate in a brand new show, which corresponded much more to her profile: Cake Academy. The adventure is about to begin!

His first steps in the show

His first steps on the show:

Élodie agrees to participate in the academy of cakes, the show suits her better knowing that there is a CAP at stake. She stays the first week on the show, i.e. 3 days, and explains that Cyril Lignac is looking for a real collaboratortechnical, rigorous and who knows the basics.

The first theme she tackles: pastry to introduce herself. Next, a strawberry test. There the chief Desty Brami supports the students, and gives himself the challenge of making one for them to taste!
Finally, she passes a test on the theme of monochrome, supervised by the chef Ophelie Bares.

His only regret : not having been able to taste his creations. A task reserved for chefs.

positive feedback
Beautiful compliments on her desserts, and a pastry sensitivity noticed by Ophélie Barès and Desty Brami.

Behind the scenes
Before the start of the tests, the leaders give advice to the students off-screen, which is extremely valuable.

His departure from the show

It is on the test of the monochrome that Élodie leaves the show. The subject is: yellow cake. Élodie’s choice is very daring, she decides to color her cake naturally with saffron. However, the result is not clear enough in color, which makes her leave the academy… Below, a new version made at home and very successful!

Elodie’s super tip

It is often said that the whipped cream that we will incorporate into our entremets must be flexible. By flexible, we think of a texture of shaving cream, however it is rather a texture of cottage cheese that we must obtain. You will thus obtain a very airy mousse. Here is the tip that chef Ophélie Barès gave to the candidates and which marked Élodie.

His professional project

Even if she didn’t win the show, Élodie does have a dream in mind: going to New York with her boyfriend. There, she would like to offer locals home baking lessons! We wish him the best.

Since then, Élodie has taken her CAP again, and is awaiting the results on July 6! We cross our fingers for her.

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