Emergency call for adoption for this cadaverous dog (31)

Guizmo, a cachectic Beauceron, had been on his own for almost two months. If he was taken care of in a partner refuge in St-Gaudens (31), he unfortunately suffers from an inoperable tumour. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is launching an emergency call for adoption to allow him to end his days, surrounded by care and lots of love.

Alerted to the presence of a dog abandoned for several weeks in a house near Toulouse (31), the 30 Million Friends Foundation asked for help from its volunteer investigators. On the spot, the report is without appeal and requires an emergency intervention (2/07).

With the help of four gendarmes, our two investigators discover a cachectic Beauceron, left to his own devices, in a visibly uninhabited house: the shutters closed, the courtyard strewn with waste. After multiple requests, the owner of the dog finally presents himself to the police. It is thanks to the efforts of the gendarmerie that he will eventually agree to give up his abandoned animal to the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

an inoperable tumor

The dog was extremely thindeplores the investigator. Eaten away by fleas and ticks, he also suffered from eye conjunctivitis and a dental abscess. Both of his ears similarly had a 2cm to 3cm tear as if they had been put on earrings before they were ripped off! “Reports one of our investigators. Reassured and cuddled by his rescuers, the survivor, baptized Guizmo, was taken to the refuge of the Association Commingeoise de Protection des Animaux, our partner in Saint-Gaudens (31).

Unfortunately, at the veterinary clinic, an X-ray revealed an inoperable tumor. Guizmo is currently on antibiotics, treated by the shelter team. ” It’s sad because his tumor was detected too latelaments Maryjo, the manager. He is extremely kind. He seeks cuddles and wiggles when he is faced with a congener: he needs company. Despite his illness, he takes pleasure in walking around and continues to eat. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is launching an emergency call for adoption to allow Guizmo to end his days with a family who will provide him with the care and all the love he deserves.

If you live near Saint-Gaudens and want to take care of him, do not hesitate to contact the association on 05 61 89 39 18.


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