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The starred restaurant Mariottat closed its doors last October, but secretly, the chef and his wife were thinking about something else. Work is for them much more than a function, it is a passion pegged to the body, the happiness of receiving, of pleasing. Also they had not completely detached themselves from their kitchen and their beautiful rooms. But you have to know how to change. A few days ago, Christiane and Éric Mariottat announced that they were back in business, but this time at the table d’hôtes. “Nothing to do with the restaurant, it’s really another way of doing things”, explains the chef. It will be much more intimate, for small groups, by reservation and after discussion to best meet the expectations of the guests. Personalized service!

Until mid-June for the moult to be completely over, the phenomenal stock of plates used in the restaurant is put up for sale. A nice amount has already been donated to charity. The rest is for sale at a reduced price.

“These are plates of professional quality, beautifully crafted”, specifies Éric Mariottat. The plates are his little hobby. It changed with each season, with each mood. “There are big ones, very big ones, smaller ones, round, square, white, brown, in all colors and shapes…”

Will also be on sale a few chairs, tables, floor lamps, some pots.

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., on site, 25 rue Louis-Vivent in Agen.

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