Essonne: three dogs found locked in an apartment without water or food

Wednesday evening, three dogs including this American Staff were found thirsty, hungry were found in an apartment in Moransg-sur-Orge (Essonne). The tenants were taken into custody. (©National Police 91)

They were found without water or foodamid many waste. On the evening of Wednesday August 3, 2022, the policemen and the firefighters are intervened in Morsang-sur-Orge (Essonne) for rescue three dogs found starving and thirsty in a apartment.

A dog locked on the balcony, the other two lying on rubbish

Sent to the scene after a call from a resident, the police and firefighters noted the presence of a dog locked on the balcony without water and without food, reports a police source.

They also saw the other two through the window, lying on a pile of trash.

The dogs were found in an apartment strewn with rubbish
The dogs were found in an apartment strewn with rubbish (©National Police 91)

The tenants being absent when the police arrived, it was the owners of the accommodation who opened the door to them. Inside, they found the two dogs “in an advanced state of weight loss”.

Tenants in custody, dogs recovered by a specialized company

Like their companion in misfortune locked up on the balcony, they had neither water nor food.

Upon their arrival on site, the tenants were placed in police custody for acts of “animal abuse” and for “passive act of cruelty towards sentient beings”.

As for the three dogs, they were handed over to the Sacpa group, which notably manages the Souzy-La-Briche animal center.

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