Étsi ouzeri, Greek street-food according to Mikaela Liaroutsos

By Manon C. Photos by Manon C. Published on June 3, 2022 at 12:03 a.m.

After Ési le bistro, Franco-Greek chef Mikaela Liaroutsos has just opened a Greek tavern a stone’s throw away, which showcases Greek street food and mezes to share.

Five and a half years after opening her first restaurant, the bistro where she unveiled the greek cuisine under its finest gastronomic assets, the chef Mikaela Liaroutsos comes back with a new addressthis time facing the Cycladic street food : etsi the ouzeri.

700 short meters separate the first table and this greek tavern of a new genre, where the beautiful product is expressed in a raw way or through simple traditional recipes and always authentic. Inside, the blue benches, the long concrete counter and the exposed stones transport us on a trip to the edge of the Aegean Sea.

etsi the ouzerietsi the ouzerietsi the ouzeri

Friendlythe address invites the share through a selection of mezes : generous Pulp Salad seasoned with fresh herbs, Greek salad of tomatoes, peppers and feta (9€), cheese fried saganaki and spinning, generous plate of fried squid (9€), oregano friesspanakopitakia… The taste buds travel.

To accompany these mezes of choice, we opt for a greek winea draft beer served in a pitcher for the whole table, a glass of ouzo chosen from the attractive selection of the restaurant, or a signature cocktail realized, you guessed it, fromGreek spiritslike the cocktail Live your greek myth (masticha, retsina, otto athens vermouth; 10€) or cocktail Negroni etsi (gin votanikon, otto athens vermouth; €10).

etsi the ouzerietsi the ouzerietsi the ouzerietsi the ouzeri

For the dishes, the Franco-Greek chef chose to revisit the traditional souvlaki with her meridaa toasted pita bread that serves as a soft bed for a marinated meat several hours, then roasted on a spit. On the menu, the day of our visit, a merida with two beautiful skewers of melting chicken (16€), a merida vegetarian (16€) with lots of cherry tomatoes and roasted mushrooms, and finally a merida loukaniko (14€) with pieces of pork sausages well grilled.

A very nice discovery!

This test was carried out as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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