Eure. In Muids, a Brittany spaniel killed by bee stings

Shooky, the 9-year-old Breton spaniel, who was the joy of this family from Muids (Eure) succumbed to numerous bee stings. ©DR

Since Friday, May 20, a family of Muids (Eure) must learn to live without Shooky. This Brittany Spaniel, who would have turned 10 in August, was a full member.

It was kind of our first child. He was affectionate, he watched over our children. He didn’t deserve to leave like that

Jeremy and his wife

The dog started vomiting

The day before, Jérémy came home early from work at 6 p.m. and therefore went to the kennel in which he locked up the runaway dog. Usually it is his son who is responsible for freeing the animal. A chance.

The father of the family discovers Shooky attacked by a swarm of bees which had landed just above its enclosure.

Being allergic to stings myself, I called a neighboring beekeeper. When I picked him up my dog ​​started vomiting so I immediately took him to the Peupliers veterinary clinic in Val-de-Reuil. When he arrived he had a fever of 40. They gave him medical treatment. His temperature quickly dropped to 38 but the vet preferred to keep him overnight.

A hundred bites

Jérémy returned home reassured, certain to find his dog in good health the next day. But during the night, Shooky had several convulsions and his weakened heart did not resist.

It was while calling the clinic the next morning that Jérémy learned the sad news. “The veterinarian noted a hundred bites on his body”.

This is confirmed by the medical report that Jérémy provided us. About Shooky, the veterinarian writes: “This animal was the victim of an attack by another animal: very, very many bee stings”.

Muids dog killed by bees
Shooky would have been 10 in August. ©DR

“Not in a residential area”

For them, the presence of beehives nearby raises questions. “According to an amateur beekeeper I brought in, there were at least 30,000 bees and they were particularly aggressive. I respect this profession and I have nothing against beekeepers, but not in the middle of a suburban area”.

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And the father of the family concludes: “There are children everywhere in the neighborhood, it could very well have been my son or my daughter. It won’t bring our dog back, but we don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

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