Family finds lost dog stuck in drain a week later

A Cincinnati family found their lost dog seven days after she went missing. Edgar is a four-year-old Black Retriever mix who often escapes his home to enjoy the outdoors and run around. However, every time there is a thunderstorm, the dog becomes very nervous and looks for a place to hide to protect itself from these loud noises which terrify it.

Sean Ryan, Edgar’s master, told Today:

“They are good dogs, but they like to sneak around. They escape and return home on their own within a night or two. »

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Family finds missing dog after a week

Unfortunately, as a major storm hits the city, Edgar decides to run away from home without leaving any sign of where he’s been hiding. The heavy storms continued all week, so the family thought the worst had happened to their beloved dog.

The other house dog, Oscar, was too sad that his brother and best friend is no longer with him. Seven long days had passed since Edgar’s disappearance, and sadly, there was still no sign of his possible whereabouts.

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One day, the father of the family decided to go for a walk with his dog Oscar, and while they were walking, something incredible happened. The man heard a faint scream coming from somewhere, so he decided to follow the sound to find out what it was.

The source of the crying was from a storm drain and the one making the desperate sounds for help was his own dog.

Sean commented:

“All I could see were his eyes looking at me. He was frantic. He was happy to see me, but he really wanted me to take him out.

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The dog was happy to be found, but at the same time he was terrified of being stuck in the pipe and wanted to do something to get out. Sean quickly decided to call the town fire department and they arrived on the scene within minutes to rescue Edgar.

The team made a plan, dug the area, and then created a hole for Edgar to crawl out of the pipe. Edgar was starving, but since he had been in the water, he was able to drink from it to survive, even though he had several wounds on the body.

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After taking him to the vet, to everyone’s surprise, tests revealed that Edgar was not in poor health and only needed medical treatment. The vet treated his wounds, gave him intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and shaved several parts of his skin to help his wounds heal.

Edgar seemed like a very brave and determined dog, so within a few days he was back to normal, like nothing had happened to him.

Sean added:

“He recovered quickly – in fact, he’s already back on the scene! “.

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Edgar’s family feels guilty for what happened, so they plan to buy GPS trackers for their two dogs. This way, both dogs can be free without having to worry about getting lost or getting stuck somewhere.

It is not known how Edgar ended up in the pipe, but it is believed that he entered it while seeking shelter from the thunder and was unable to get out.

Sean advised:

“I can’t believe I was so close to giving up. We walked in this area every day… I walked past him, I don’t know how many times. That’s what I hope people will learn from all of this. Don’t assume and never give up. »

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Fortunately, this incredible story had a happy ending for Edgar, Oscar and their beloved family.

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