Family takes ‘My name is Chiky’ challenge, but their dog ‘messes up’

Dogs surprise thousands of users with their antics and pranks. This is the case of this dog who interrupted his masters while they were dancing to the song “My name is Chiky” of the group D Billions.

In viral TikTok video, family members line up to start taking steps to famous song “My name is Chiky”, never imagining that their little dog would “ruin” the recording.

A family takes on the “My name is Chiky” challenge with their dog

This family dog ​​thought everyone wanted to play with him, especially the little girl. At this moment, he then did not stop pursuing her.

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Indeed, while the whole family was following the steps of the choreography, the little dog then began to want to play with the little girl. happily jumping on her and chasing after her. The dog’s reaction sparked laughter from thousands of internet users on TikTok.

Thanks to the TikTok clip shared by @martivalenzuela1, thousands of people had fun watching the bulldog and the little girl. The video got over two million “hearts” and hundreds of comments.

“The little girl fighting for her life, but can’t stop dancing hahaha”, “Help Bombom, please”, “Firulais: ‘I told you I wanted to be Bom bom'” , “I love that no one stops the choreography to get the dog out hahaha”, “I’ve been laughing for three hours now”, wrote some netizens.

@martivalenzuela1 #fyp ♬ My Name Is – D Billions

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