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Find out how to easily save a cat stuck at the top of a tree

Anyone with a cat knows how much they like to climb, whether it’s a tree or a kitchen counter. However, getting out of it can sometimes be a different story.

Why do cats get stuck in trees?

Cats are great climbers, but their paws aren’t really made for backing up: a cat’s paws (and claws) are made for climbing uphill, and its back paws help it jump and land. This makes them excellent at climbing short distances that they can easily jump over.

However, a cat’s retractable claws are curved, which makes it difficult to maneuver backwards. So if it is too high for the cat to jump safely, it may need to be rescued.

How to save your cat from a tree

The right person can get your cat down a tree properly, but if you’re in any doubt about getting your cat down a tree yourself, get down the ladder and call an expert. Among them, you can try to call the fire department.

But if you have a sturdy ladder and the tree is not too high, you can climb on it and try to bring the cat down. Just make sure there are no power lines nearby and enlist the help of a friend or neighbor who can hold the ladder in place from below while you climb.

Video: A mother cat climbs to retrieve her cat stuck in a tree

How to keep your cat out of trees

Having your cat stuck in a tree is no fun for anyone, neither for cats nor for humans. So it’s best to prevent this from happening so everyone can stay safe on the ground.

If you let your cat go outside, it’s best to do this under supervision and consider investing in a cat harness or leash. And, of course, make sure your cat wears ID tags and is microchipped. So you can get him back if he decides to climb a tree and someone else saves him.

Even though cats seem to love being outdoors, this world can be dangerous for them. If you want to keep your fantastic feline safe, but also want to make sure he’s happy and content inside your home, there are lots of fun and inexpensive things you can do to enrich his inner world instead. to let him roam the neighborhood.

Here are four great ideas to try:

Buy a large “cat tree” : Encourage safe climbing from indoors with a cat tree that offers perches and “bark” for scratching.

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Create hiding places: cats are happiest when they can hide and be alone. Create hiding places by offering your cat old boxes (the internet rule of “if I come in, I sit” applies here) or cover furniture with blankets and pillows (everyone loves the comfort of pillows! ).

Offer lots of enrichment toys: cats need enrichment and love to play! Give your cat toys that stimulate both mind and body.

Set up a window perch: For the cat that likes to watch the outside world, consider setting up a window perch or moving furniture (or your cat’s tree) near a window so they can observe whenever they want.

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