Find out why sleeping with your cat really isn’t good

Having a cat at home is a big responsibility. Those who live with one can attest to that. If we are the owners of a feline, we must adapt to its habits and customs so that life with it is as pleasant as possible. Sometimes, without realizing it, we make mistakes with our pets, like sleeping with them.

Sometimes we want to cuddle our cat, but we should not get used to this practice, because it can lead to respiratory diseases and alter our sleep cycle.

Cats are very special animals. They have a unique and sometimes mysterious behavior. In fact, they have a whole host of quirks that are part of their character. They don’t need to go for walks like dogs because they hate leaving their comfort zone.

It is normal to see felines move their paws as if kneading, they do this to express that they are comfortable and safe. They use their tail as part of their body language. So, depending on the position and movement of that part of their body, they will want to express one feeling or another.

Find out why sleeping with your cat really isn’t good

Felines often rub their heads against yours to leave their scent on you and mark their territory. You may have seen your cat in front of the window making a strange noise with its teeth. This clicking is an innate movement with which it practices chewing.

They can also tell if a storm is about to hit and are fond of graveyards. They hate chocolate, lemon and vinegar and like to scratch the sofa and other furniture in the house. They are able to know which room you are in without seeing you and have a kind of sixth sense, because they can predict when a person is near death.

Cats are, above all, unpredictable. Sometimes they run away from us and are very surly, and sometimes they chase us everywhere we go in the house, even in the bathroom. When they are affectionate, we may be tempted to take them to bed with us and sleep with them. A practice that has certain advantages, but which could also be detrimental to our health.

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Sometimes we want to cuddle our pet while we sleep. The purr they emit can help us fall asleep and improve the relationship between the owner and his cat, and the warmth of the feline acts as a heater. The body temperature of cats is between 38°C and 39°Cso they are a source of heat.

However, they can often disrupt our sleep cycle. Cats are nocturnal animals and often like to play in the middle of the night. Therefore, sleeping with them can wake you up a few times with an involuntary scratch, kick or rub.

If you have accustomed your pet to sleeping with you, it will not be easy to send him away. If one day you want to replace his company or just sleep alone, the situation will be very complicated. Your cat will feel rejected and may spend the whole night meowing.

Another problem with sleeping with cats is that they can bring bugs into the bed. If your cat roams freely in the field, in the garden or even outside, he may bring a flea or a tick to your bed.

Also, some allergens are released and can pass through the sheets to stay on the mattress for a long time. These allergens are present in their fur, their drool, and are totally invisible to the naked eye, but they accumulate every night you sleep with your pet.

You may not be allergic to your cat when you come home, but if your cat sleeps in your bed every day, they will gradually leave behind allergens that accumulate and can cause you to develop long-term respiratory symptoms.

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