Firefighters free a dog locked in a car in the parking lot of Plopsaland, in the middle of a heat wave (photos)

The Saint-Bernard could have passed through it if the firefighters had not intervened.

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This Sunday, July 24, firefighters from the Westhoek area, in Flanders, were called by visitors to the Plopsaland park. Indeed, they had spotted a dog locked in a car in the parking lot, while the outside temperature showed around thirty degrees on the thermometer, reports “Het Laatste Nieuws”.

After trying to contact the owner of the vehicle, firefighters took matters into their own hands to prevent the animal from losing its life due to the suffocating heat. They opened the safe, luckily unlocked, to release the St. Bernard.

When the canine’s owner arrived in the parking lot, she explained that she ” came to see the dog every hour
“. A report was sent to him. It is completely inadmissible to leave an animal in a closed vehicle, in full sun, the temperature increasing very quickly inside. In the midst of a heat wave, the gesture was totally thoughtless and very dangerous.

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