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Firefighters rescue dog and fox stuck in pipe

The intervention is not trivial. And it will have tested the tenacity of the rescuers. The latter were alerted around 11 p.m. on Friday, September 9. It was a question of looking for a dog of the Jack Russel type, engaged in a drain located in a field at a place called Le Champ Rouge in Saint-Varent.

Private means have been requested by the municipality to make openings. In vain. After several hours of effort, the search was stopped around 4 am.

The captured fox

They resumed on the morning of this Saturday, around 10 am. The owner of the field went to the site with a drainage plan, which made it possible to locate a sump.

The sump near which the dog was. | SDIS 79

After updating it, the dog was spotted around 2 p.m. He had before him a fox. The hunting society proceeded to capture the fox, which was released safe and sound. As for the dog, it was returned to its owner, also in good health.

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