Firminy. Burger King will recruit more than 80 people to open in December

Called fans of the Whooper, the signature burger of the famous fast-food chain, Burger King, have only a few more months to wait. The brand will open its sixth restaurant in Firminy in the Loire (after Saint-Étienne, Villars, Andrézieux-Bouthéon, Savigneux and Mably) in December in the Prairies commercial area in place of the former Leclerc service station (see otherwise). It should be the largest in area of ​​the department.

Six months before the opening, Burger King has launched its recruitment process, 81 permanent positions will have to be filled. First, six restaurant managers, full-time, for whom research is already underway.

The biggest recruitment campaign of the year for Pôle emploi Firminy

Then, there are seventy-five versatile part-time catering employees (24 hours a week) with the hourly minimum wage, who must come to reinforce the team. For these positions, “no prerequisites are required except know-how”, insists Séverine Demore, team manager at Pôle emploi Firminy, for which this is the biggest recruitment campaign in the world. ‘year.

Candidates for the position will be entitled, in the fall, to 175 hours of theoretical and practical training at Pôle emploi, which supports part of this training, or in Burger King restaurants already open nearby.

“It’s a sign that has a good brand image”

Despite the number of positions to be filled and the difficulties of the hotel and catering sector to recruit, Séverine Demore is not very worried about a possible shortage of candidates: “We can ask ourselves the question but it is a sign which has a good brand image and which tries to carry out an attractive policy with possibilities of evolution. Last year, when Brut Butcher opened in La Ricamarie, we had no problems even though the number of recruitments was lower. »

Jobs may also be of interest to students – even if “it will not be the priority target nor the majority of the workforce because we are not in a university town” – or people who wish to complete part-time work.

In order to launch the recruitment policy, communication will be put in place on social networks and a banner will soon be installed on the place where the restaurant will be built.

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