Food poisoning: the new strategy of the department of Rezig

With the approach of the summer season; the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion lifts the veil on a special control program. This program aims to guarantee compliance with the hygiene conditions of widely consumed food products.

The director general of economic control and the repression of fraud at the Ministry of Commerce, Mohamed Louhaidia; returned to this program. First, “this program provides for the intensification of control operations for sensitive and perishable food products,” he told APS.

Thus, according to the same official, these are in particular “the most consumed products during the summer period, such as mineral water, juices, cheeses and dairy products”.

Through this special program, the Ministry of Commerce “aims to fight against collective food poisoning”. To do this, “control operations will affect the various production units and marketing channels, including display and storage conditions,” explained Louhaidia.

What are the systems put in place by the Ministry of Commerce?

In addition, Louhaidia revealed “the establishment of the Interministerial Committee for the preparation and control of the summer season”. “Piloted by the Ministry of the Interior; this program associates various ministerial departments concerned with the control and the guarantee of the safety of the summer visitors”.

“The control agents will participate in the commissions of wilayas in coordination with the Security services”. “In order to impose compliance with the transport conditions for mineral water and other heat-sensitive products”. But also “to prevent the display of drinks and food products outside stores”.

Concerning the sanctions, the same person in charge affirmed their application against the contraveners. In addition, “said commissions will intervene at the level of roads, shops, markets, production and distribution units”.

Food poisoning: the Ministry of Commerce reveals its figures

In addition, the department of Rezig revealed the toll of food poisoning for the first quarter of 2022. “The national territory has some 400 cases of poisoning”.

Of which “44% due to the purchase of products exposed to the sun, 21% in fast-food restaurants, 17% in family events, 9% in family meals and 7% in living base canteens”.

According to Louhaidia, “thanks to the measures taken to prevent the risk of poisoning, nearly 80,000 operations have been carried out”. Or “the recording of more than 7,000 offenses and the establishment of 6,700 reports of legal proceedings against the offenders”.

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