Food truck in Langon: Le Chausson Gascon settles on the quays

Hugo Boyer and Maxime Laborde in front of their Le Chausson Gascon food truck on the quays of Langon (Gironde).

Childhood friends, Maxime Laborde and Hugo Boyer, were cycling at age 14. They carried out an old project together: to open a gourmet food truck in Langon (Gironde) combining their passions, cooking and wine.

Thus was born Le Chausson Gascon. They installed their black food truck at the corner of the rowing club and thus responded to the call for projects from the town of Langon for the animation of the quays this summer.

“I made a slightly brioche dough”

Hugo Boyer is the co-manager of the wine bar The Barrel and the Cave des Carmes. Maxime Laborde is the cook of the duo.

He developed his baked “slipper” wood oven ; it looks like an empanada or a small calzone.

I worked in commerce. My father is a cook. He is a cooking teacher in Talence and is a member of the jury for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Meilleur Apprentice de France competitions. He has a wood oven at home and I had fun making bread dough. I made a slightly brioche dough. I thought of empanadas, calzone. I wanted to make a slipper to take away, that you could eat on the go without getting it all over the place, with a dough that didn’t crumb too much.

Maxime LabordeChef

“Cooking with wood gives a special flavor”

His “grandpa” already had a wood-fired oven from the 1700s. “Cooking with wood gives a special flavor. I perpetuate the bacon-Emmental focaccia made by my adoptive grandfather – my nanny’s husband – at Noaillac “.

This food truck project was born eight years ago. “We started by holding open doors in the castles of Graves and Sauternes with food pairings in turnovers and château wines: turnover with sausage meat, foie gras for Sauternes; beef with spices, piperade pork for the Graves. »

The famous “Philly cheesesteak”

Maxime Laborde offers a leek/Roquefort cheese fondue in his fluffy €7 slipper; pork from the South-West / piperade; Philly cheese-steak (ground beef, candied onions, sheep’s cheese,); chicken curry, diced pineapple.

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For the turnover formula and the accompaniment of new potatoes, it is necessary to count 10€.

Don’t worry if you see a lot of smoke coming out of the food truck. This is normal, it comes from the wood oven which must be maintained.

Hugo BoyerCo-manager of Le Chausson Gascon food truck

“For the Friday market, we plan to offer events around wine with food/wine pairings; but also demonstrations of kneading and the management of a wood oven which is very technical,” adds Maxime Laborde.

Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the quays of Langon. Maxim:; Hugo: Facebook and Instagram: Le Chausson Gascon

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