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This Tuesday, L’Equipe published an article to explain that Marcelo’s dismissal at OL was due to flatulence and laughter after the match against Angers. Mute since leaving the club, Juninho has decided to react to his revelations.

Marcelo, how is it? This is the question that one can ask oneself when reading the team this Tuesday. The French sports daily revealed in a long paper behind the scenes of OL’s failed season. It was in particular a question of one of the main controversies of this so difficult 2021-2022 season. Last August, after the second day of Ligue 1 and a slap suffered at Angers 3-0, Marcelo was left out of the group for inappropriate behavior in the locker room after the match. At the time, many thought violent words or gestures from the Brazilian centre-back.

Marcelo fired by his farts, Juninho is hilarious

But, according to L’Equipe, it was Marcelo’s flatulence followed by his incessant laughter that would have annoyed Juninho and Peter Bosz, causing them to decide to send him to reserve. Revelations that made the web laugh, much less Marcelo. The Bordeaux defender reacted to this information on Twitter. “ Thank you Team, after a long time I have to come back to Twitter to deny all these allegations. Journalism these days is a joke! β€œ, he posted in English with a biting irony. He preceded the reaction of his former sports director.

Since leaving OL last January, Juninho had been very silent in the media or on social networks. Quoted in the article from L’Equipe, he too reacted in Marcelo’s footsteps with an even more gritty and somewhat mysterious message in his native language. ” See, did I tell you?? a defender has to send farts with a loud, long-lasting, stinky noise?? yours was just a loud noise???? in that case you are weak β€œ, he wrote. Juninho does not seem to confirm the paper of the sports daily but his communication, like the one he had when he was sports director, will still make people talk and question.

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