Foot PSG – Paul Pogba, the unleashed PSG, Juventus will cry

Promised to Juventus, Paul Pogba only has to sign his future contract in Piedmont. But the midfielder is actually going to sign for PSG according to Parisian sources.

Manchester United and the player himself have made it official, Paul Pogba has finished his contract and history with the Red Devils. Deprived of the France team due to a persistent calf injury, the midfielder is taking a few days off and is also focusing on his future. The 2018 world champion is announced very close to Juventus, for a new return to Piedmont. A very nice operation for the Old Lady, who was able to convince her former player that history could again pick up where it had stopped, when Juve was one of the European leaders. This Thursday again, the Italian press confirmed that the signing of La Pioche was only a matter of days, and that the contract awaiting him was already completed. His salary and the length of the contract were the subject of an agreement, and the Gazzetta dello Sport like the journalist Romeo Agresti left no room for doubt.

There was even talk of a last meeting, possibly in Los Angeles, between the leaders of Juventus and the player, in order to sign this famous contract which would allow the French international to find Juventus. But the truth would be elsewhere, with PSG once again as an incredible winner. Indeed, a very solid informant specialized in the news of the transfer window in Paris affirms it, if Juventus and Pogba will see each other well in California, it is quite simply in a last hope to prevent the native of Lagny from signing. … at Paris SG.

PSG’s air conditioner strikes again

This is the famous account taken by “Sabri” PSGourien, who reveals his version of the facts. And it is an understatement to say that the young man has gained credibility in recent months, since he had said in March that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi was going to air-condition Real Madrid in the Kylian Mbappé file. A version that has never moved and has therefore been verified later, as was the case for Sabri with Achraf Hakimi last summer.

This time, the informant on the capital club once again leaves no room for doubt. Paul Pogba will sign for PSG and Juventus have almost no hope of winning the bet, while all of Italy is preparing to find him. “ Their meeting is in Los Angeles and it’s not to sign his contract but to make him change his mind because Pogba’s choice is Paris and normally on his return he should sign in the capital… so he there is very little but really very little hope for the people of Turin “, assured Sabri.

A theory which seems in any case to stick with the schedule planned by Paul Pogba, who has planned to be the man of the day on June 17. On this occasion, Amazon Prime will release a documentary modestly called “The Pogmentary”, which will retrace the career of the French international. In the documentary or at the end of it in the form of an interview, it is rumored that Paul Pogba is going to announce his future club, and that this will cause a big disappointment in Piedmont. PSG would then strike a blow even if, in two weeks, a lot can still happen.

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