Foot PSG – PSG or Real, Kylian Mbappé takes his head on this detail

Kylian Mbappé assures that he has not made his choice between Real Madrid and PSG at the moment. However, he will have to announce his decision.

The tension has gone up a notch this weekend in the Kylian Mbappé file, with the game of sound bites which is likely to continue for another month, or at least until an official position of the PSG striker . At the end of the contract in Paris, the French international was certainly very surprised to learn from the mouth of his coach that he remained “100%” in the French capital at the present time. Mauricio Pochettino, who may have had his fingers slapped for the presumptuous outing, tried to make up for it after the match in Strasbourg, explaining that he had been misunderstood. But the response from Real Madrid, via Carlo Ancelotti then Florentino Pérez, all in the good humor of the title won by Real, helped put a coin back in the machine.

Mbappé tries to control communication

In any case, the Mbappé clan, which is trying to master communication to the end, an oh so difficult exercise, knows that the tension is going up a notch. For the moment, even if Real Madrid have a big advantage, the doubt exists and the player takes the opportunity to collect the laurels on both sides of the Pyrenees. PSG fans bear this expectation well. Because they know that the file for his departure was strongly compromised from the start of the season, and that keeping him in Paris would be almost a miracle. So they hope that the pressure from Qatar bears fruit, even if Real Madrid’s unfailing confidence, the existence of a pre-contract with Casa Blanca, are signs that are not going in the right direction. .

But this Monday, Le Parisien reveals that Kylian Mbappé is above all concerned with maintaining, regardless of his decision, good relations in both camps. If he were to leave for Madrid, PSG supporters would inevitably be disappointed to see their star and their best player go. And never since QSI laid hands on PSG, one of the tenors of the team left against the advice of the club. Conversely, if he decides to stay another season or two at Paris Saint-Germain, the Spanish club will say to himself that he has been snubbed twice by the former Monegasque, after 2017, and that the patience has limits.

Griezmann’s bad example

As a result, the Mbappé clan is thinking deeply about the best way to announce its decision, confirms the Ile-de-France daily. There are examples not to follow, such as that of Antoine Griezmann, who announced in 2018 that he was staying at Atlético de Madrid despite Barça’s offer, all in a film produced by Gérard’s company. Pique. It had annoyed Catalan fans, especially as he changed his mind a year later, and betrayed Atlético fans just a year after his big announcement. Kylian Mbappé is thus quite capable of organizing a press conference after the end of the season, and of clearly explaining his choice for his future, as Zidane was able to do when he announced to everyone’s surprise that he left Real Madrid after winning three Champions Leagues, also in 2018. In any case, the reflection is underway to unveil one of the most anticipated decisions of recent years in the world of the transfer market.

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