Football: A dog enters the field to ask for hugs


The meeting between Chile and Venezuela was interrupted for a few minutes for a strange reason.

The dog lay down on its back to demand hugs from the referee.


The women’s selections of Chile and Venezuela experienced a rare and surprising moment during the friendly match between them. In the 36th minute, the referee had to temporarily interrupt the game because the lawn was invaded, not by supporters, but by a dog.

The animal didn’t try to chase the ball, it just wanted some attention. As soon as he burst onto the pitch, he walked over to the Chile keeper and lay down on his back asking for hugs. Winning strategy, since the latter offered him a few hugs with a smile.

The dog then set his sights on the match referee and other players. With success, since he again received several gestures of affection, for his greatest pleasure. After a few minutes, a Chilean, with the help of a ball boy, managed to carry the puppy off the field and the match was able to resume its course.


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