Football England – Benjamin Mendy, his lawyer tries a deal to avoid the worst

Accused of rape and sexual assault by three young women, one of whom is a minor, Benjamin Mendy is now in prison while waiting for his lawyer to appeal.

Since Friday afternoon, Benjamin Mendy has been locked up in a men’s prison located in Liverpool, the hearing by a judge of the international defender of Manchester City having resulted in this incarceration. The 2018 world champion is accused by three women, one of whom is 17, of different offences, including a rape in October 2020 and one that took place on Monday. The facts would all have happened in the vast accommodation of Benjamin Mendy, and according to the Guardian, the 27-year-old player had already been summoned twice by the police, and even heard by the courts, with a measure of parole. But the former OM and Monaco player did not respect one of the conditions, namely the absolute ban on organizing parties at his home. So much so that 21 people attended a party at the Manchester City player’s house this week. What necessarily annoy the judge who therefore decided to put Mendy in prison.

To try to avoid this measure, his English lawyer, Chris Stables, tried everything, in particular by specifying that Benjamin Mendy was ready to wear an electronic bracelet and even to settle with a relative who could thus be certain that the party is over for the defender of the Citizens, in particular because he does not have a house as big as that of Mendy. But all this was not enough, even adding a deposit of more than 50,000 euros, to convince Judge Mac Garva, who confirmed the detention of the French footballer. From now on, Mendy’s lawyer can appeal, and the latter could be released pending a court appearance on September 10. If this appeal is made, and is not heard, then Benjamin Mendy will have to remain until that date in prison. For its part, Manchester City has not communicated since Thursday and the announcement of the sine die suspension of the tricolor defender following these accusations.

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