for Hubert Caouissin’s lawyer, “justice has passed”

Hubert Caouissin was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the quadruple murder of his in-laws in 2017 in Orvault. The Assize Court recognized that his judgment was impaired at the time of the events. He thus escapes life imprisonment, his lawyers say they are relieved.

When the verdict was announced, Hubert Caouissin and his former companion Lydie Troadec remained impassive. The Assize Court recognized the accused’s impaired judgment at the time of the events, which allowed him to escape life imprisonment. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. “It’s a relief for us and for our client.”responded Thierry Fillion, one of Hubert Caouissin’s lawyers. “Justice has passed.”

Abominable facts but justice done

We were heard by the assize court“, adds another of his lawyers, Patrick Larvor, speaking of a result”correct”. We judge facts, but we also judge a man” he indicated.

Hubert Caouissin’s guilt was beyond doubt. He had admitted having entered the home of his brother-in-law in Orvault in Loire-Atlantique on the night of February 16 to 17, 2017 and having killed the whole family, Pascal and Brigitte Troadec, as well as their children Charlotte (18 years old) and Sébastien (20) with crowbars. Then he had transported the bodies to his farm in Finistère where he had cut them up, throwing muscles and viscera in brambles to be eaten by wild animals, and incinerating the bones and skin in his boiler.

“We can say ‘the facts are too abominable’, there are four deaths and since there are four deaths, it will necessarily be life imprisonment, but at that time, there is not even a need for a trial“, had explained Thierry Fillion, at the end of his pleading. “Mr. Caouissin did not deserve the life imprisonment that was required“. The lawyer insisted at length on the mental pathology of his client, a “chronic delirium of the paranoid type“.

An accused in full paranoid delirium

It is “madness” who pushed Hubert Caouissin to go to Orvault. He was convinced that his brother-in-law had stolen gold bars and robbed his wife. Hubert Caouissin is “in a mental cage, in a cage of obsession and delirium. He did not choose to kill his victims. He wasn’t free, he was caught up in this terrible paranoia. You must take this into account“, he had launched for the jurors. And Thierry Fillion to quote the various expert reports made during the instruction: “114 pages of expertise, 114 pages of canards, Mr Advocate General? Is that what you say? Are these canards, salads?

In its indictment, the public prosecutor had asked the jurors not to “disregard” of this pathology at the time of rendering their verdict. They finally retained the alteration of discernment. “We have the feeling of having been heard, this leaves a real perspective for Hubert Caouissin, such as to allow him to continue. It was a fear of having a sentence that cuts off all hope“, concludes Thierry Fillion.

No impairment of discernment for Lydie Troadec

Lydie Troadec, who appeared free, was sentenced to three years in prison, including two years in prison, for modifying a crime scene and concealing a corpse. Already detained for four months during the investigation, she was imprisoned after the hearing.

The verdict shows that Hubert Caouissin’s script did not convince“, estimated Cécile de Oliveira, lawyer for the civil parties. “We knew that the impairment of discernment would be retained, given the number of experts who had concluded so. The question was whether it would lessen the pain much.” she explained at the end of the hearing, “we have a judgment of reason.

Olivier Pacheu, lawyer for the civil parties, greeted him with a verdict “Very important“for the families of the victims.” Our clients have been able to bring a little of the humanity of their loved ones into this court and this is a fundamental element for those who have lived this extremely difficult story.“He wishes them”can finally try to turn the page of this judicial history”.

The public prosecutor’s office and the defense have ten days to appeal the verdict.

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