“For the little dog, a cube of cheese is like a burger for the man”

Mr Patureau, what should a balanced diet for dogs contain?

Often people think that dogs have high protein needs, this is not true. They need 45-50% protein but not only: they also need carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies.

Are the croquettes sold in supermarkets or in specialized stores the ideal solution?

You can find everything in the croquettes. The problem is that we don’t really have any visibility on what’s inside, especially in terms of additives. It is therefore difficult to find it.

Brands, like Dog Chef, offer fresh dishes, what about fresh dishes?

I think there is a need for owners to go back to nature, including what they feed their pets. There is a real demand for quality food. Besides that, there is the aspect that makes them want to vary the pleasures and not always give them the same thing to eat. Seeing your dog eat with appetite also gives the impression of making him happy.

Is it good for him that the dog finishes the family meals and eats the same as her?

In absolute terms, we could say so but the problem is that, very often, it is not well dosed. There is therefore a risk of deficiency.

How many times a day should you feed your dog?

I will say that up to 6 months it can be done 3 times a day because at this time in their life dogs have greater growth needs. Thereafter, 2 meals is ideal and it’s even better for their metabolism. In large dogs, for example, there is a risk of stomach upset if the dog is fed only once, heavily.

Are there any foods that are really not recommended for dogs?

The most toxic is really chocolate because there is a concern at the level of metabolism. The grapes also even if I have never encountered intoxication, it could create concerns. Chocolate, however, remains enemy number 1.

Is it good to give your dog little extras from time to time, like a snack for a child?

If the rations that you give your dog to eat are well calculated and balanced, it is not necessary for his metabolism. You can give a piece of fruit from time to time, such as pieces of apple or banana, but in any case, no Nic-Nac candies. It’s bad for the teeth. A small cube of cheese, for a small dog, is the equivalent of a hamburger for humans. Might as well know. The important thing is prevention to have a healthier dog with a longer life expectancy and, as for humans, to have a good diet.

The Belgian brand Dog Chef was born in January 2017, on the initiative of two friends, Alexis d’Oultremont and Alexandre Cardon, who wanted to offer fresh and natural meals for animals. Today, the brand offers 5 recipes (chicken, beef, duck, pork and fish) in the form of daily portions which are tailor-made for each animal on the basis of several criteria (age, size, breed, etc.) and offered in the form subscription and home delivery.


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