Four new associate lawyers for Bruzzo Dubucq

The law firm Bruzzo Dubucq, specializing in business law, continues to develop and expand its governance. Four new partners have just been co-opted to reward ” their talent and their involvement for many months “, announces the chairman Philippe Bruzzo. They are Virginie Cadouin, Etienne Feildel, Tristan Girard-Gaymard and David Ybert de Fontenelle.

“The Bruzzo Dubucq firm offers a renewed offer of continuing education”

This association of talents is part of a medium and long-term strategy in which the firm, in order to grow serenely, set up its own recruitment unit from the outset, by creating and developing the Business Law Clinic, enabling it to identify the talents of tomorrow and perpetuate this transmission at the heart of our ambition “says Cédric Dubucq. The association between Philippe Bruzzo and Cédric Dubucq dates back to 2015. There are now six partners in the firm.

Virginie Cadouin and David Ybert de Fontenelle have developed strategic advice in transactional mergers and acquisitions “. Étienne Feildel and Tristan Girard-Gaymard, have in particular ” contributed to the development of the pole restructuring and complex high-stakes litigation “, such as the case of 2,400 taxis against Uber, or the telephone information services against Microsoft and Google, and more recently the largest association of start-ups in Europe, France Digitale, against Apple.

The firm Bruzzo Dubucq will defend taxis in their class action against Uber

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