France humiliate Argentina and qualify for the semi-finals

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After its success on the second day against Saudi Arabia (5-0), the France U20 team faced Argentina in a match that was very tempting. For this meeting, Bleuets coach Bernard Diomède decided to field a new team with an attacking trio made up of Sékou Mara, Hugo Ekitike and Adil Aouchiche. The latter were surrounded by the fit man at the start of this tournament: Maghnes Akliouche. For its part, Argentina was led by the nugget of Manchester United: Alejandro Garnacho Ferreyra.

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But as against Saudi Arabia, France did not tremble and literally rolled over their opponent of the day throughout the meeting. The Argentinians never seemed able to compete with the young players of the France team who dominated the match head and shoulders and in all areas of the game. Everything started off perfect, moreover, since Akliouche, the Monaco player, opened the scoring quickly (16th). A few minutes later, it was the Stéphanois Adil Aouchiche who made the break (23rd) before seeing the Bordelais Sékou Mara also go there with his goal and completely knock out Argentina in half an hour of play (3- 0, 29th). A very wide score at half-time which would get worse later.

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When they returned from the locker room, France came back with the same intentions and logically punished an opposing defense that was totally sloppy. Sékou Mara therefore took the opportunity to quickly offer himself a double (49th). In the process, Nathanael Mbuku, who had just come into play, also went there for his goal by perfectly transforming a penalty (53rd). Argentina, helpless, still saved the honor thanks to Garnacho who scored a wonderful direct free kick (1-5, 59th). But as a symbol, it only took two minutes for the Bleuets to score again. It was Maghnes Akliouche who also scored twice (61st).

During the last twenty minutes, France continued to wander and could even have scored several other goals, but the lack of altruism of the French attackers prevented the score from being more severe. Finally, Argentina scored a second goal thanks to Garnacho from the penalty spot (90th). France secures another great victory and therefore qualifies for the semi-finals of this tournament. Argentina are eliminated due to a very poor goal difference.

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