France: Trial: she lived with 111 cats at home


In Savoie, a woman lived in unsanitary conditions with stray cats that she compulsively picked up.

The accused was tried Monday in Albertville court.


A 44-year-old woman was tried Monday at the correctional court of Albertville (Savoie) for “voluntary abandonment of a domestic animal, tamed or captive”. She had lived with 111 cats in a house, in catastrophic hygienic conditions.

Following denunciations from animal defense associations, the veterinary services and the gendarmes intervened in a house in Saint-Julien-Montdenis in May 2021. They found 111 cats locked in the dark in several rooms of the accommodation, invaded by a smell of urine and excrement, specifies the “Dauphiné”.

The defendant had found herself in a comparable situation in her previous home, in Côte-d’Or. There too she had lived in unsanitary conditions with “many stray cats that she accumulated addictively, confining them under her roof without considering parting with them too much”, explains the French daily. But without realizing that she was imposing unenviable living conditions on the little cats.

An ‘excruciating fate’

Faced with justice, the defendant disputed any mistreatment and always claimed to have known what she was doing. “If it is true that I let myself be a little overwhelmed by these 111 cats, it was a temporary situation, because I wanted to create my association with the aim of having them adopted,” she assured.

The lawyer for the civil parties on the contrary denounced “an atrocious fate for the animals”, while underlining the attitude of “denial” of the defendant. According to prosecutor Sophie Mauboussin, the accused selfishly wanted to satisfy a personal need to the detriment of the health of the cats. She asked for a 6-month suspended prison sentence.

Judgment will be delivered on July 11.

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