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From welfare to lawyer

Me Vivan Nguyen.  Photo: Devichy Avocats website


Me Vivan Nguyen. Photo: Devichy Avocats website

Me Vivan Nguyen come a long way. Marked by a difficult childhood, she “worked hard” to obtain her law degree.

“One parent in the delirium of mental illness and the other parent in addiction. I’ve often had nights out alone where I’ve been stranded outside my home. I could find refuge with a neighborhood friend, who was left alone in her apartment by her alcoholic mother, ”book the one who was born and raised in Montreal.

At 19, she finds herself on the school benches to begin her studies in law. We are in 2009. She is first in class. Her name appeared on the honor list of the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal in 2010 with an average of 4.0 out of 4.03, an impressive average of A. She won four excellence scholarships.

In 2012, she hit a wall, the disease changed her life. Her health is deteriorating, exhausted, discouraged, she hit rock bottom. She will even accumulate failures in her school subjects. An academic turnaround that is hard to swallow.

The situation becomes alarming for the young Vietnamese. She underwent multiple surgeries and several pharmacological treatments. She picks up with a dozen attending physicians. The little “gifted” girl abandons her studies due to disability.

Unable to climb the slope, she plunges into darkness; poverty is his new daily life. Today, she sees it as the best thing that ever happened to her, because during this period, she found her vocation: that of practicing children’s rights. “We hit rock bottom to bounce back! Like a basketball”.

Except it’s much harder not to lose your footing when reality comes to the surface. A life turned dark.

“I ended up on social assistance for medical reasons,” she confided to Droit-inc.

A return to studies

Courageous, Vivan Nguyen regained her strength in 2017. She returned to complete her law studies. Determined, she finds her bearings and her almost perfect notes. A year later, she continues her path, the one that leads to her graduation from the University in 2018. She will finish the bar school in 2019 to be sworn in a year later after her law internship.

Since 2020, she is a lawyer. She will obtain second place in the English Oratory Competition (pleading competition – speaker’s prize) organized by the Young Bar of Montreal in 2021. That same year, she was proclaimed lawyer of the year by Droit-inc.

Me Nguyen specializes in youth law. She often intervenes in the media to clarify situations experienced by young children in the Department of Youth Protection.

“An achievement that is dear to my heart: I was able to help hundreds of families. My childhood was particularly difficult and today, I give to others thanks to my experience, but especially not despite my experience, ”books the 32-year-old lawyer, still undecided on the idea of ​​starting a family one day. “I see too many broken families in my work. One day at a time,” she replied.

His own office

Despite being fairly new to the profession, Me Vivan Nguyen has moved from one firm to another. “My six-month career at Marie-Josée Bellemare Avocate Inc. was highly relevant, because I navigated an impressive volume of files, going so far as to hold 12 interim hearings a day and juggling 200 legal files at the same time”.

His time at Devichy Avocats allowed him to forge his character. “Marie-Josée Bellemare Avocate inc was the army’s bootcamp training before the war! And Devichy was the first impetus of my career.

“At Devichy I had a lot of visibility, because marketing is a strong point of theirs. I am completely grateful for my time at this office from March 1, 2021 to September 23, 2022, but all honeymoons come to an end, right? The flame has gone out, but we are ending this chapter with mutual respect”.

At Goldwater, Dubé, on the other hand, the experience only lasted three weeks.

She already believes that the profession of lawyer will not be her last. “I believe I will stop practicing law in a few decades in order to take up new challenges and satisfy new passions”, such as that of classical ballet, which allows him to clear his mind.
One of her dreams would be to transition from legal practitioner to legal theorist. “The first category pleads in court, the second category does research, theses and recommendations. Does anyone want to fund my masters and PhD? she asks, laughing.

For now, she says she is very excited about her career. She who must conserve her energies for the opening of her practice on October 3.

“Being passionate and full of energy, I am constantly looking for new challenges! I like to be free. It is only in freedom that the professional can know a real complete development. There is no greater freedom than being your own boss,” she concluded.


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