Gastronomy. The Lyon street food festival puts the big dishes in the small ones

In five editions, the Lyon street food festival has become the largest nomadic cuisine event in France, with 35,000 visitors. And for its return, at the beginning rather than the end of the summer (the theme is moreover an invitation to a “(f)estival roadtrip”), the event put the small dishes of street food in the big ones: 120 chefs and their brigades (i.e. 500 cooks), 300 participatory workshops, 80 cultural performances (including concerts, local talents or leading artists such as French 79 or Kid Francescoli, a breakdance battle with the Pockemon Crew) in 20 scenographic spaces that will take visitors from a larger-than-life Asian night market to a beer garden, passing through a 1930s circus and an alley of food trucks. Three destinations are in the spotlight: the Basque Country, Portugal and Asia, with its “night markets”, the cradle of street food.

An ephemeral city

If gastronomy remains at the heart of the event, it is…

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